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Got her first lead within 1 week and first sale within 2 weeks for her career coaching program
Dr. Renu Goswami
Generated 5 sales after her very first whatsapp class for her English coaching program
Girish Agarwal
Generated leads within 1 week for his Personal Finance Coaching Business
Faneendra Kumar
Generated 20 leads within 2 weeks of joining us
Manjunath Bhat
Generates more leads for his chess coaching business than he has time for demo classes
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About me
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About me
Ishwar Sundararaman

Hi there! I'm a 4-time entrepreneur. I took my last startup to a 50 Cr run rate. It was a decent success, but before that, I had two failed attempts. Primarily because I didn't know who to turn to for help, when I really needed it.

Those experiences taught me the value of community and mentorship, which is why I wanted to coach & mentor entrepreneurs.

I used to mentor people 1-on-1 but it was hard to charge for my time. I tried live group classes, but it got repetitive. Building a course and marketing it was even harder.

I realized, like me, there were many coaches who had fought life, learnt their lessons and wanted to share it onwards to help people but they struggle with having to build a course first, and then marketing it later. All for one time revenue.

That's why I built Unsolved, the world's simplest AI based coaching platform. Create website, ads, social media & course content in minutes with AI, without even writing prompts

I want to help you monetise your expertise and take it to the world. So we can help more people learn and achieve what we have, in a way shorter time than we did

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for

If you are an aspiring coach and want to scale to 1000s of members, all without building courses first, and leveraging the power of AI, then this for you

How does this work?

You are joining a learning experience like never before. It's designed like a game where you graduate from 1 level to the next. At each Level you get live sessions, recorded tutorials and work alongwith fellow coaches to complete the level.

What are the Levels and how do you graduate

Level 1 - Launch Page & Ads.

Level 2 - Sell 1 on 1 till you hit 30k/mth.

Level 3 - Sell with webinars till you hit 1 lac/mth.

Level 4 - Enable Automated sales till 10 lacs/mth.

Level 5 - Turn on influencer mode for 1 Cr/mth.

Is there a start or a finish date to this program

Not really, you can join Level 1 at any time. Building an amazing membership program takes time. Once you get your first few members, you want to get to 1 lac in recurring revenue and then to 10lacs and then... Each stage has different strategies to learn and master

Do you have a done for you model

Yes, if you are busy and want a team to get you off the ground. Then we assign a team to handle your membership site, your ads, your video ad editing, so all you need to do is convert leads and coach. (Cost Rs. 3 lacs for 3 months)

Do you have a money back guarantee on the membership

Yes, we have a no questions asked, money back guarantee on your membership payment, if you follow our steps and fail to generate leads for your coaching. Write in to support@unsolved.network

Can I cancel my subscription in future

It's easy to cancel if you have subscribed to one of our limited monthly plans. Once you are in, just visit the left sidebar, click the 3 dots near Membership Collective and click Cancel membership. You will never be charged again.